Sanukiya udon noodles with shrimp and vegetables

Huge fan of thick noodles, I recently found these frozen ones which are really easy to prepare, their texture is chewy which I love and compared with this recipe form another word for comfort food in my "easy and delish" taste room.

Sanukiya udon with shrimp and vegetables

3 packets of sanukiya udon noodles (package contains 5)
150-200 gr shrimp
medley of peppers, sliced
half onion, sliced
1 zucchini, cut in cubes
3-4 spring onions
1/2 cup cashews
4 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs honey
1 tbs red wine
1 tbs white wine vinegar or rice vinegar
olive oil or sesame oil
1 Jalapeno sliced, optional

Heat a non-stick pan (even better a wok pan) with oil and throw the zucchini cubes, onion and pepper slices in. Cook until they soften. Meanwhile boil water in another pan and throw the noodles in. They only need a minute or two. Add the shrimp in with the cooked vegetables and another minute or two till they become pink. Add the soy sauce, honey, red wine, vinegar and cashews and let it simmer for a bit. Finally add the noodles and give it a good toss. You want the noodles to be covered with this yummy sauce it's now created. Serve in small bowls, top it off with some sliced spring onions and dig in!

For those on the spicy side, add sliced jalapenos on top for an extra kick! Enjoy! 


Dorotea ceramics

How beautiful are these ceramics? I have a thing with perfectly imperfect ceramics, you know the ones that are never the perfect circle or oval but for you they are because that imperfection is what makes them perfect? yes that's my thing..

Dorotea ceramics are (of course) handbuilt and handrawn with the prettiest patterns and each piece is one of kind. The perfect improptu gift for your loved ones, don't you think? You can shop them here :)



Designer of the week

I've posted so many times on this blog about Josep's (Font) work for Delpozo and how I admire what he's been doing right from the very first time he appeared on the fashion scene and honestly I don't think he will ever stop amaze me.

This is -once again- remarkable creativity, no words really to describe the brilliance of the dreamy beauties he makes, simply come along and stare in awe with me-

This is Delpozo collection for FW16


Music of the day

Been back and can't wait to watch this city's new series, Atlanta, that's gonna air soon, mainly due to this guy..Childish Gambino aka Danny Glover/xx

Childish Gambino - Hold You Down is for the music of the day guys..


Take me there

...at the Rockhouse, Negril, Jamaica for lounging and diving from its cliffs and overlooking the waters of the Carribean sea alongside with some coconut and rum sipping, what more do YOU need really?

West End Road
Negril, Jamaica


Kate moss for Equipment

Kate Moss collabs with Equipment and brings this quintessential collection that's a mix of 90's and rock 'n roll with a subtle nod to David Bowie, as she declares.. 


Music of the day

with this tune that's been stuck in my brains for quite some time now, from 2009


Current mood

This time current mood is all about the spring staples and for me that means wardrobe essentials that are versatile enough to double up their role with all the season's ups and downs. An oversized jeans jacket that can be worn from day till night, patterned scarves that can be used with tons of ways (see worn as a head scarf), a classic black backpack that can as well serve as a weekend getaway bag or  the most comfy casual pants.

Here are some of my favorites as of lately:

1/ Long denim jacket, by Zara woman
2/ Slip-on shoes, by H&M
3/ Organic cotton Babaa tee with Pollock print, by Bobo Choses woman collection
4/ Woodblock-inspired printed scarves, by Madewell
5/ Cap-sleeve eyelet dress by Who What Wear for Target
6/ Mid-rise 2-stretch straight fit gray jeans, by Betabrand
7/ St Leonards cotton canvas and leather bag, by K Avery-Stallion
8/ Striped terrace lace-up shirt and high-rise denim boyshorts, by Madewell
9/ Frida sunglasses in matte honey, by Lee Yule for YMC eyewear collection
10/ Gold filled brass earrings with white lacquer, by Anne-Thomas


Take me there

This is such an idyllic place, recently included in Travel & Leisure mag, is located in Mani, Greece, a really magical destination at the south of Greece, in Peloponnese. The landscapes of this area are one of a kind to start of, the majority of it surrounded by olive trees, rocks in every possible shape and the splendidness of the sea. Now this new retreat has taken place there, housed in an 19th century stone tower which has been renovated with the most adaptive to the surroundings way there is.

No words can describe the beauty of it, just check these photos won't ya?

The location itself is simply breathtaking..the architecture and the approach of design to the place take you to a whole new level of aesthetics (personally that's my favorite one). Minimal forms and simplicity so that nothing overwhelms the superiority of the region.

Yes, take me there to stare the ocean from the level where the oceanlike pool lies and sip into the raw elegance of the landscape with a glass of local wine..

Tainaron blue retreat-Mani, Greece


Spot on brand: Anne Thomas accessories

Beautiful collection that's bursting with some of the most delicate designs for shoes and jewelry I've come across lately and which can easily become classics. I'm talking about one of my new favorites, Anne Thomas accessories. Check them out-


My recipe for Tiramisu

This is an original Italian Tiramisu recipe I've been using lately and I wanted to share as the result is really light and fresh (with some fluffy tiramisu cream y'all!) yes, try it and (please) consume it in two, three days the most as this is a dessert that must be eaten right after it's been cooled down in the fridge for the very first time and the cream is at its best consistency. It's coming from a lady named Lorenza..

Tirami su di Lorenza

3 eggs, separated
3tbs to 1/2 cup granulated sugar
250gr mascarpone cheese
200gr whipped cream, whisked till it forms soft peaks
1-1 1/2 box of ladyfingers
3/4 cup strong espresso coffee, cold
4-5 tbs brandy or Marsala
100gr dark chocolate (at least 60% cacao)

Beat the egg whites with the whisk attachment until a meringue is formed. In another bowl beat the egg yolks with the sugar until white and fluffy. Add the mascarpone cheese into the batter of the yolks and sugar and beat until combined. Add slowly the beaten whipped cream and meringue. Whisk coffee and brandy or Marsala together and dip in it all the ladyfingers just for a second or two so that they get wet. Arrange half of them in a rectangular baking dish. Cover them with half of the cream batter. Do the same arrangement one more time. Use a serrated knife and cut the chocolate in shaves. Put the chocolate shaves on top of the cream. Put the Tiramisu in the fridge at least for 3 hours, up to overnight, until set. Enjoy!